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We surround ourselves with wonderful people

who bring further creativity, artistry and technical knowledge 

to our team. 

These include academy principals, choreographers, technicians, dance teachers and dancers themselves.


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who work with us at our UK competitions and masterclasses.



Premiere Scholars is an exciting Dance and Musical Theatre Associate programme designed to advance talented students located in the south of England. This course is designed to run alongside students’ existing training, complimenting this with the opportunity to work with leading professionals in the dance and theatre industry.

The Premiere Scholars directors, Alan Burkitt and Claire Brazier, are dedicated to nurturing unique performers and encourage a perfect balance of technique, artistry, discipline and passion.

They have been running with huge success for three years. Many of their Jazz and MT Scholars have appeared in various West End and touring productions, as well as feature films.


Premiere Scholars graduates have also been successful is gaining entry to many top Theatre colleges including Bird, Laine Theatre Arts , Performers, London Studio Centre and Wilkes.


The Brighton Academy opened its doors to its first class of full time performing arts students in September 2011,

with four successful West End performers

at its head.

Their courses are aimed at presenting the industry with individuals who are not only talented and professionally trained but also well equipped,

both physically and mentally to face the inevitable challenges they'll encounter

as they break into the business.

With Patrons including Sir Matthew Bourne,

Dr Stephen Mear & Bill Deamer,

TBA really is the place to train.

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At MEPA they take pride in their open and friendly approach to teaching by nurturing a “can do” attitude. They are determined to bring out the best in every performer, by understanding that each individual has their own unique way of learning. This enables them to acknowledge and support each student’s specific needs.

Through the implementation of effective teaching methods, they can create an environment of trust, confidence and achievement where each and every student can thrive.

By receiving their bespoke and tailored training, they aim for their students to gain the skills and knowledge to uphold a long, healthy and successful career in the performing arts.


MEPA College is delighted to be working in conjunction with XCITE Dance, helping to provide support for young dancers, dance schools and small businesses.

Dancing Daisy has been a family run business since 2008, growing from 16 ballet tutus to a warehouse and 2 shops! With customer service, high quality and value for money at its heart, they also support UK manufacturing and are ambitious in their vision to source 100% of their branded products from the UK. 

Dancing Daisy supports the dance industry worldwide by helping teachers with easy dancewear options, providing dance schools with stress-free branded, customisable uniforms for their students and allowing dancers to find the dancewear they need to live their best dancer life.

For these reasons XCITE Dance is proud to be working alongside the Dancing Daisy team!


Some of the amazing businesses XCITE Dance is working with.



We love working with people who have a passion for supporting the dance world

and get excited going to work! 

If you feel this is you or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, we would love to hear from you.



“I have been working closely with the XCITE Dance team for many months now and have found them to be brilliant!

They helped me to get organised and focused, streamlining my processes, setting up a

new class management system and getting some new projects off the ground. 

They supported with the minefield of Covid regulations to help get us dancing in the studios again.

Recently they organised an in-house showcase to give our students the opportunity to perform –

all live streamed and organised with little involvement from me.  Our parents and students loved it! 

I am looking forward to XCITE Dance continuing to support me in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

— Angela Taylor, Principal, Steppin' Out Academy of Performance