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Our dance workshops & masterclasses provide dancers with an in-depth and focused training experience with leading dance professionals from across the UK.  Our core values of opportunity, fairness, value and fun are embedded in every event we deliver, providing dancers with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a welcoming environment.

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You can expect...

  • a high-energy workshop where you can both perform & learn. You won’t have too much downtime, just enough to refresh and recharge between action-packed sessions;

  • fair, valuable feedback, helping your future development; and

  • merchandise and scholarship giveaways from our sponsors, making it an event you will really benefit from.


You can expect...

  • a professionally run master class which values each and every performer;

  • high quality choreographers with significant industry experience; and

  • value for money: choreographers’ time is optimised with the dancers and numbers are capped to enhance the experience.

UK choreographer demonstrating moves at a friendly dance workshop master class for teenagers.


Claire Brazier
Alan Burkitt
Lucy Jane Adcock
Megan Heathcott-Mould
Josie Lee
Angela Taylor
Hannah Levitt-Collins
Danni Fry
Sara Morley
Harriet Bunton
James Redman


Our choreographers are of the highest standard in the UK dance industry and are true professionals.


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who work with us to make our workshops amazing.


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